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The Areas of Use of Fire Retardant Treated Wood


Interior surfaces of walls and ceilings are probably the biggest area of use. Requirements for high standard in regards to the surface class primarily in so called fireproof buildings, building with more than two floors, community centres, public buildings, sporting facilities and escape routes and stairwells. Proper use class for indoor use is required, refer to the section about New Use classes.


Facades stretching more than two floors, where ordinary wood cannot be fully utilized due to the national building regulations, BBR, and other types of external application and roof structures are also in demand. Proper use class for outdoor use is required, refer to the section about New Use classes

Attn. There are currently no fire retardant paints for use outdoors.

Other Areas of Use


There are also a number of special applications outside construction, for example, exhibits, packaging, pallets, boats, buses, trains, off-shore. Traditionally mines have been a major area of use for fire retardant treated wood.

An appropriate area of use of fire retardant treated wood are internal wall and ceiling panels. The use class INT is required. One example of this kind of use is the Airport Gardermoen in Norway.