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What is the difference between reaction to fire class and fire class?

Reaction to fire class describes characteristics of ignition, heat release, flame spread and smoke development in products and material, which are important in the early stages of a fire. Fire class is about bearing capacity, structural integrity and insulation properties of the building elements in their entirety (walls and ceilings) during a fully developed fire. Requirements for both properties can be found in national rules and regulations on buildings.


What is the environmental impact of fire retardant treated wood?

The use of fire-resistant wood as part of a whole system (e.g. a building) results in fewer fires and reduced emissions during such, which in general is a major environmental hazard. The use of fire-resistant wood thereby contributes to increased safety for people. Fire retardant treated wood normally does not contain the same substances as flame retardant plastics, where the halogens, particularly bromine, aren't environmentally friendly. The content of the flame retardant may vary between manufacturers. For more information, please refer to the manufacturer's statements environmental impact.


When is fire retardant treated wood needed?

When you want to use wood where there are fire safety requirements that are not met by untreated wood. Many treatments preserves the wood's natural appearance. Fire retardant treated wood can also substitute other materials, where there are high fire protection requirements.


Who can become a member of the NBT?

Anyone can become a member. Businesses, individuals and organizations who are interested in the industry and products and supports the activities of the organization and accept our statutes.