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Code of Ethics

NBT:s Code of Ethics are were decided at the annual meeting on the 25:th of may 2011. These rules form the ethical standard and principles that all member companies and their employees are expected to follow. In our industry, the demand for adherence to ethical standards is particularly pronounced, through the strong relationship of trust that we have with our customers, as well as the responsibility for the life and health as fire wood does.

NBT:s vision is to "fire-resistant wood is the natural choice for consumers, construction industry and specifiers for their high quality, reliability and long shelf life."Membership in NBT therefore means that member companies commit themselves to follow these rules.

  • The member company agrees to comply with all laws and regulations that affect the business.

  • The member company complies with good business practices and helps to develop and strengthen the industry's reputation.

  • Member Company marketing characterized by objectivity and responsibility, and contains relevant information in safety, environment and health.

  • Member Company applies the applicable rules, standards and technical specifications of all production and business services.

  • The member company maintains its professional knowledge and skills in line with the industry trend.